Affordable ‘Done-For-You’ Digital Marketing Packages for Small Businesses

Facebook is the most powerful and cost-effective advertising tool for reaching consumers. Further to this, Facebook advertising is more cost-effective for generating new customers than boosted page posts.

To support small businesses, Wonderful Winter Haven has teamed up with Great Impressions Advertising and Marketing to offer fully managed digital marketing packages starting at $240.00 per month to make your life easier.

Great Impressions is an experienced full-service advertising agency and a Facebook (Meta) Business Partner. They know exactly what it takes to get results, creating ads that get results.

Facebook/Instagram Advertising Starter Package $500 per month*

We will create an original image Facebook Ad, with personalized copy and a stock image.

Plus we will set up a custom target audience to ensure maximum reach.

The we will schedule your campaign to run over a 4-month period.

And will send you a personal link so that you can  monitor your advertising performance analytics with a single click.

* price for a minimum booking of 4 months

Social Media Page Posting Starter Package $240 per month*

We will create an attractive personalized collection of post templates for your posts

We will create one post per week for your Facebook page (and Instagram page if you have one).

Each month we will provide you with a recommendation for 4 posts. You can change any of these posts if you have some specific news or information you want to share and once the schedule is agreed, Great Impressions will create and post your posts for you.

* You can also add your Google Profile Page to the list of uploads for an addition $40.00 per month.

Reputation Management for Generating Google Reviews

Starter Package $49 per month

Reviews of your organization have a big impact on Google and customers. We recommend using Big Buzz reputation management software. At a cost of $49.00 per month, it makes the process of generating reviews simple.

Great Impressions offer a full range of advertising and marketing services including websites design and build, design and print etc. To have a look at their full range of services visit their website Tell them you bot their details from Lovely Lakeland and you’ll be sure to get VIP treatment.

Google Profile Page Optimization $200

Like Facebook pages, well maintained and optimized Google Profile pages have a big impact on generating awareness. They also increase search engine rankings linked websites.

Google profile pages need to be optimized to meet their full potential. There are several set up actions that need to be taken to optimize the effectiveness of Google Profile Pages including cross matching addresses with those on the website, filling in all the business information sections and adding images of your business.

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